Business Development & Data Analysis

Nerd Cluster ®; analyses data to help entities and brand understand their products engagements / service processing and operational mapping over time and effectively answer the fundamentals of why, what and how .

We allow brands and businesses to thrive in Consumer Centric data and enable confidence to grow using the right tailored strategy and overall customer confidence in their brands as well as empower business by increasing brand awareness

Using our methodologies, technologies and industry experience focused on Agile practices, we are able to provide robust results using historical data and introduction to Machine Learning - 2019.

We aim to help entities define their business models to prioritise their focus with the market demand, and forecasting what the market is moving towards and where potential gaps | opportunities are located.

Predicating data and interpreting statistics incorrectly could lead to huge mission critical systems to fail or a unwanted drop in profit.

Deriving from our insight dashboards we allow minimal risk and correct interpretation of trends and allow those to enable successful customer conversion rates, engagement models and execution of companies visions and missions strategies / road maps to the correct markets.

We saw how many businesses were unable to compete in the market, simply due to the lack of leveraging the world wide web

We empower our customers by doing more than just a web presence, we provide a competitive strategy to enter the click-and-mortar field and increase the potential of their current brick-and-mortar entities and using technology to enable their business to new dimensions.

Factoring all the elements of Nerd Cluster®.

We deliver the best approach to integration of technology to advance businesses, magnify their successors, promote collaboration, Agile methodologies, and migrate business concepts to Dynamic approaches.

Web Development | APP Development

Professional Websites

We offer tailor made front end development for customers from basic to advance web spaces / applications.

We pride ourselves in focus of customer experiences,
giving users a seamless interface, easy to use and navigate websites

We incorporate design, hosting and security as well as handling the support and finances reporting for you.

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